Wearing, tearing, lack of maintenance and extreme use might reduce the useful life and the safety of your bike. Modern bikes are built with high quality materials that are very light and delicate. Each part of the bike has a limited useful life due to wear, effort and fatigue. Fatigue is the progressive damage and breakage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loading. The fatigue life of a certain part depends on its design, on the materials used for building it, on the way it is used and on the way it is serviced. Although frames or lighter parts might, in some cases, have a longer fatigue life than the heavier components, high performance light bikes and their components require grater care and more frequent inspections.

Check your bike components periodically for any signs of wear or deterioration: dents, cracks, splits, scratches, deformations. 

Wear can be increased by high forces caused by dangerous riding:

  • Bike jumping
  • Performing tricks with your bike
  • Off-road riding under improper conditions
  • Downhill riding
  • Any abnormal use of your bike

Check the frame and the components carefully for signs of wear before and after using the bike.

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