Upper top tube bag

Upper top tube bag

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Size: 50x8x9 cm
Capacity: 3,6 litres


  • Top tube bag with side pockets.
  • Black fabric (frame of the bag): bilaminated pvc with tear-proof nylon bag internal net.
  • Grey fabric (frame of the bag) in polyester 840 with coating of 0.25 microns in thickness
  • Nylon buckles (resistant to shock and temperature changes)
  • Straps made of high weave polypropylene
  • Elastic polyester yarn count 40
  • Fastening system with 40 mm wide Multi Velcro strips (5 pieces supplied)
  • It is possible to move the Velcro fastenings into the rear, front part and everywhere underneath (10 belt loops)
  • Waterproof zipper.

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