This model provides the general policy of the website manager as regards of personal data processing performed on or through the website thereof.
The presentation of the Internet privacy policy by the website manager also meets the requirements for the transparency on the processing of the data of the concerned persons.

The corporate web site shall include the following wording:

Use of the Site
WILIER TRIESTINA S.P.A(hereafter, “WILIER”) hereby authorises the viewing, downloading and the print out of the material included in the website named (the "Website"), including the graphical layout of the Website, limited to the purpose of using the Website as an internal corporate resource, of to any personal purpose, not for profit, complying with the intellectual property rights on the material included in the Website (among which images, illustrations, graphics, animations, videos, texts, icons, drawings and writings, etc.) belonging to WILIER or any other company holding any rights thereto.
Any visit to the Website and any downloading for material or support implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions below. Differently, please do not use this Website. While downloading certain documents, or when certain services are used, the acceptance of certain specific additional conditions may be requested.
The “WILIER” name and logo are registered trademarks of WILIER of any companies included in the WILIER group. Any change to the material on the Website, their copy, reproduction publication, distribution or commercial use, or any other website or computer network is forbidden. WILIER and its relevant authorising entities reserve any intellectual property right which is not expressly included in these Use Regulations. WILIER does not guarantee the accuracy and the completeness of the material published on the Website. Said material, including the product catalogues and the price lists may be amended by WILIER in any moment and without any prior notice, which, regardless of the fact it employs resources for said purpose, shall not undertake towards the users any obligation to update the material published on the Website. The information provided on the Website may refer to products, programs or services which may be not available in the country of the user. The user may contact WILIER’s local affiliate or distributor, by using the specific links in the Website, in order to obtain further information on the products, the programs or the services available for each specific user 
WILIER non garantisce l'accuratezza e la completezza dei materiali pubblicati nel Sito. Tali materiali, inclusi i cataloghi prodotti e listini prezzi possono essere modificati in qualsiasi momento e senza preavviso a discrezione di WILIER, la quale, pur impegnando risorse a tale scopo, non assume verso gli utenti obblighi di aggiornamento dei materiali presenti sul Sito. Le informazioni fornite sul Sito possono fare riferimento a prodotti, programmi o servizi che non sono disponibili nel paese dell'utente. È possibile per l’utente consultare la consociata o il distributore locale di WILIER, usando gli appositi link presenti sul Sito, per ottenere maggiori informazioni relative ai prodotti, ai programmi od ai servizi che sono disponibili per lo specifico utente.
In case of breach of any term of these Conditions of Use, WILIER shall automatically revoke its consent to the use of the Site and any material which the user may have downloaded or printed shall be immediately destroyed.

Protection of the databases
The structure of the website which was implemented by WILIER includes a series of databases, which, based on the selection or the arrangement of the materials, form in any case an intellectual creation belonging to WILIER or any third party company which grant a licence thereto to WILIER and, therefore, protected under Legislative Decree 6.5.1999 no. 169.

User Notices
Any transmission to the Website and the storage on the Website or in the databases which are accessible from it, of any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or any other material that would violate any applicable Law. WILIER shall process the personal data of the user in full compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003. Furthermore, WILIER implements further minimum and in any case suitable measures – which comply with Legislative Decree 196/2003 - - intended to protect the personal data of the customers from any unauthorised alteration, destruction, dissemination and access or any inappropriate or non-compliant processing.
As a rule, it is possible to visit the Website without providing any personal data. Under certain circumstances, WILIER may require the user to provide personal data. Generally, said data are required for completing the signing up to a service or may be provided while carrying out a transaction. When the user places an order, WILIER requires his/her name, email address, shipment and invoicing address, telephone and fax number and any other information based on the employed payment means. In the case where the user decides to provide through the Internet any personal data which is required by WILIER, for example with the purpose of the exchange of communication, the processing of an order with the payment or the delivery of a product, detailed explanation on the processing thereof will be provided. If the user refuses to grant her/his consent to the use of said data for further contacts, WILIER undertakes to respect that will.
WILIER will process the personal data, also with the support of any IT mean suitable to store, manage and transmit the data thereof, for the following purposes: the management of the Website and/or the performance of any contracts, the creation of reports on the transactions carried out, and the sharing thereof between the concerned partners (e.g. Vendors who offer their products or services through this Website) for information purposes, the implementation of protection measures including against IT frauds concerning the current transactions between WILIER and the users and/or third parties
For the above purposes and for allowing WILIER to comply with the legal and contractual obligations which are charged to it WILIER may make available or transmit the personal data both to its internal IT officers and to any third parties who, based on written covenants entered with WILIER will process them under strict conditions of protection thereof. Namely, in the case where the data are disclosed to any third parties, WILIER will adopt specific procedures for ensuring that any third party recipient will always act in full compliance with its privacy policy and the applicable legislation

Passive links
The creation of links to the Website is allowed subject to the following conditions. WILIER reserves the right to withdraw any consent, including any tacit consent, to the implementation of links from third party websites and/or portals to this Website. Any copy for marketing purposes of the material included in the Website is expressly forbidden, excepting WILIER retailers and distributors and/or any further entity authorised by the latter in writing. No browser environments or frames (“framing”) around the Website content are allowed. Any linking, unless previously authorised by WILIER, shall not hint, not even indirectly, that any consent or approval by WILIER to third party products or services exists.
No relationship with WILIER can be stated or implied without prior consent by WILIER. No false information concerning WILIER products or services can be provided. Any use of the WILIER logos and trademarks is allowed without the prior consent by WILIER. The source of the link shall not use any name, logo or any other distinguishing sign belonging to WILIER, unless under a specific license agreement entered with WILIER

Links to other Web Sites
Any links to third party websites which are included on the Website are provided only for the user’s convenience. The use of the links implies abandoning the Website. The Link shall not contain or lead to any material which may be considered distasteful, offensive or controversial and shall be suitable for viewing by users of any age. WILIER did not check the linked third party websites and it does not check nor is responsible for them or their content. WILIER thus shall not undertake any liability for such websites, nor for any information, software, functionality, product or material contained therein, nor for any result which may be obtained from their use. Therefore, if the user decides to access to any third party site linked to the Website, then it will be his/her sole responsibility and at his/her own risk.

Website Safety
Any breach or attempted breach to the safety functionality of the Website is forbidden, for example: (1) by accessing to any data which is not intended for the user or by connecting to servers or accounts for which the user does not hold any consent; (2) by attempting to measure, review or assess the vulnerability of the system or of a network or to violate the safety or authentication measure, unless expressly authorised by WILIER;
(3) by attempting to interfere with the service offered to users, host computers or networks, for example by diffusing viruses on the Website, overcharging the system, sending huge quantities of data etc. By using the Website, the user hereby accepts to refrain from the use of any device, software, tool, agent or any other device or mechanism (among which browsers, spiders, robots, avatars o intelligent agents) other than the search engine or the search agents available on the Website and different from the used web browsers (such as Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer, Opera) for visiting or interacting with the Website.

The content of the Website and the functions offered through it are supplied on an “as is” basis. Therefore, in no case WILIER or any other third party mentioned on the Website or on the site to which a link placed on the WILIER website leads, will be at no title liable towards the user or any third party for any damage arising from the use or the impossible use of the Website or any other site linked to it, of the material and information contained therein, including any statutory and implicit guarantee of their suitability for any specific purpose or concerning the interruption of the business activity or any damage to the image. Without prejudice for any statutory provision in force in the Italian territory.
Furthermore, the user acknowledges that the processing of the data in the framework of the services and their transmission, including their content, may imply the use of other networks and systems and the need of WILIER to modify the services in order to adapt and update them to the technical specifications, the connection standards of their networks or to the connection devices and programs. To this regards, the user acknowledges that WILIER may change the general rules on the use of the services in any moment and at its own discretion, without any compensation.

Applicable Law
The Website is managed by WILIER from its Rossano Veneto (VI) headquarters. WILIER shall not be held in way liable for the fact that the material included in the Website are used outside the Republic of Italy. The connection to the Website performed from different states shall be the sole responsibility of the user, who will undertake any liability related to the application of any legislation which is not the Italian Law (with which he/she shall comply in any case).
These Conditions of Use are governed by the Italian Law, without prejudice for any statutory provision which may be applied to the user who acts as a consumer.
WILIER reserves the right to amend these conditions of use in any time without previous notice. By using the Website, the user automatically accepts to be bound by the Conditions in force at the moment of the use and to review, on a regular basis, this on-line document and also the operating instructions for the use of the site, in order to be aware of the most updated version in force applicable to the Website users. Any amendment to the current personal data processing practices shall be notified in this document, without any prior notice.
The Courts sitting in Vicenza will have the exclusive jurisdiction on any dispute related to the application of these Conditions.