Important advisory regarding fake frames

Important advisory regarding fake frames

We return once again on the age issue of non-original frames.

We are increasingly searching the web for ads and offers on Wilier Triestina branded bikes, frames and accessories, sold by phantom dealers, artisans and vendors that are unauthorized. Often these products are fakes.

Be careful when buying used Wilier Triestina products through the following online channels: ads, forums, online auctions, etc … Beware of advertisements offering “genuine replicas”. Wilier Triestina cannot provide any warranty, service or assistance for any of these kinds of purchases.

If you are unsure and need verification about the authenticity of a product, please contact our customer service ( to provide the model name, a description on the color, and the serial number (located under the bottom bracket), or head over to an authorized dealer. The list of our dealers can be found at

For who doesn't know the mechanical differences between genuine and counterfeit frames, we made a comparative test with a Cento1SR bought online at Draw your conclusion...

Please read carefully this data and document. We have to avoid people to save money for a dangerous frame. Spread this document as much as possible. We have checked a fake Cento1SR bought in one of the online store with cheap prices. This is what we found:

  • Weight: closed to the original one
  • Stiffness: lower
  • Strength: frame and fork broke immediately
  • Material: even we cannot really find out material sources in terms of material grades, we do realize the lack of knowledge of carbon layup schedule.

This copy is basically a cracker made from a bunch of carbon fiber.

Comparision between fake and original Cento1SR fork:

Frontal stiffness Fake Genuine
Front stiffness 80N/mm 92N/mm
Lateral stiffness 30.5N/mm 41.6 N/mm
Strenght of steering tube 3795N 4916N
Frame Fake Genuine
Headtube stiffness 98 Nm/deg 138.9 Nm/deg
Bottom bracket stiffness 190 N/mm 2200 N/mm
Rear triangle stiffness 19 N/mm 25 N/mm
Lateral stiffness 60 N/mm 70 N/mm