The entire collection into a click. The new online shop brings directly to you, the clothing and accessory range; these perfectly match our bike collection.
Next to our dealer network, this new online shop offers you a complete service for your needs.
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The clothing on which we have chosen to showcase our graphics and colors will turn heads just as your new Wilier bike does. Our performance clothing is some of the most technical and sophisticated available, our casual offering some of the most stylish, and our shirts some of the most comfortable.

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Our cycling jerseys are a match of style and Made in Italy craftmanship; made for those that are searching for the perfect outfit and the perfect match for your bike and Alabarda
We've selected the best cycling shorts designed for all weather conditions, giving priority to the comfort for the cyclist


The expert cyclist know that their accessories are fundamental when it comes to the unexpected weather conditions while riding

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The most cool items of your outfit for a different look
The most technical clothing accessories when it comes to protecting yourself from the coldest temperatures


The accessories to customize you’re your bike; all with the Wilier Triestina brand

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Thanks to our cycling bags, you can enlarge your loading capacity and protects your bike during long rides; choose by the best professional teams
Different solutions for the hydration needs of the cyclist

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